Vehicle Management System

     Vehicle Management Software has been designed from the point of view of Travel Companies and Vehicle Rental Services/ Agencies to do their work efficiently to customers' satisfaction.

Features List

  • Maintains complete details of vehicles in the database along with their Permit Expiry Date, Insurance Details,Servicing Details, etc. Sets out periodical reminders when it?s time to renew the Permits, Insurance and for servicing the cars.
  • Maintains vehicles? Fuel Log along with date of filling fuel, fuel type, etc. and calculates the Average Fuel Efficiency and the Total Fuel Cost for each vehicle.
  • Maintains the vehicles? Parts Log along with Part names, Vendors, etc. and calculates the Total Parts Cost and Labor Cost for each vehicle.
  • Tracks vehicle Maintenance Schedule and Breakdown Maintenance as well.
  • Maintains each vehicle's Purchase Details.
  • Tracks Supplier/Vendor Details, along with what they supply, like Vehicles, Parts or Fuel.
  • Tracks suppliers? vehicles and their bookings.
  • Maintains complete information of Hired Drivers along with Name of the Referee, their License Type etc.
  • Has Vehicle Booking Form.
  • Does Scheduling of Vehicles and Drivers as per Bookings made.
  • Duty slip is issued to the Driver giving his daily work assignment.
  • Stores all details of bookings, journeys completed and generates bills depending on them.
  • Vehicle Service schedule form specifies services to be done for vehicles along with the frequency with which they have to be done and next due date.
  • Vehicle Service log extracts service details of completed repair/maintenance services of all the vehicles from the ?Vehicle Service Schedule? form so as to add the expenses on part and labor, to calculate the total expense of a particular service.
  • For each vehicle, daily record of in/out times, start km ? end km and km done is maintained.
  • Maintains record of the due dates for renewal of insurance, permit etc. in the form of chart.

Reports :

  • Customer wise Bookings Details.
  • Customer Details.
  • Vehicle Insurance Details.
  • Vehicle wise Booking list.
  • Monthly Booking list.
  • Vehicle Breakdown Details.
  • Fuel Consumption Details.
  • Vehicle Part Details.
  • Duty Slip.
  • Booking Slip.