Customer Relationship Management


As we all know customer is god and to make him feel so we need to know all about him.

At MGW Infotech we realised the same thing and thus went about a customer relationship management software to complement our other modules. In doing so, we realised that the customer's needs are most important and hence we found the need to create a customer management programme.
MGW CRM aims to do just that. It is primarily designed for the travel industry and can quickly be adapted to any other industry as desired.

Features List

  • Complete contact details of the customer including work, residential addresses and contact numbers email ids etc.
  • The customer may either be an individual or part of a corporate and hence has to be treated in a different manner.
  • Each customer's likes and dislikes are recorded and specific reminders and emails sent as and when required.
  • Customer's choice of holiday destination, type of holiday such as Adventures, Cultural, EcoTours, Events, Historical, Holidays, Religious, Wildlife Places etc are all recorded so that the travel advisor knows in advance the perfect package for the customer.
  • Each customer's travel preferences including airlines, hotels etc are noted and during time of booking are automatically entered into our booking forms.
  • The software also makes a note of how the customer was contacted enabling the agency to figure out their ad campaigns etc.
  • The software tracks the customer from the time of first contact till the time he becomes a buying customer.
  • Automated emails can be sent for birthdays and anniversaries of the client.
  • Built in advance search option.


  • Customer Details Reports
  • Customer Interest Report
  • Prospect List
  • Member List
  • Address List
  • Customer Revenue Report
  • Marketing Source Report
  • Leisure Customer List
  • Corporate Customer List
  • VIP customer List